Traditional Techniques
Our leather babouche slippers are made by Hamid and Rashid and their highly skilled craftsmen in small, family run artisanal leather workshops in Marrakech, Morocco.

Leather and Stitching
Made from the finest quality sheepskin, the leather is dyed and the sequinned embellishments are stitched by hand. Minor flaws and imperfections are characteristics of these natural materials and traditional methods, and only add to the beauty of our products.

How to Wear
Our Basic Babouche and Pointed Slippers have leather soles and are designed for indoor use only on smooth, dry surfaces. They are not suitable for outdoor or poolside wear. The soft leather will last longer if treated sympathetically.

Our Berber Babouche Slippers have a leather upper and rubber sole which makes them suitable for both indoor and light outdoor wear.

Clean your babouche with a dry or slightly damp cloth, keep use of water to an absolute minimum. If a cleaning product is needed, choose one specifically designed for leather.

Our babouche slippers are cured using traditional, natural processes, which can lead to a strong scent. Please note that the smell fades quickly with wear.

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