Natural Materials
Our baskets are hand woven by skilled weavers using only palm leaf from the doum plant, which grows wild in rural areas of Morocco and is locally harvested. These baskets are designed to age beautifully with time and use.

Ethically produced, our baskets are substainable and eco-friendly; the perfect alternative to the plastic bag! They are completely hand woven so each basket is slightly different with quirks in the weave that only enhance the individuality of your basket.

A Humble Design
Simple yet beautiful in design, the humble basket has a great many uses and an enduring appeal. Think of the classic french market basket, a great way to carry fruit, flowers, vegetables; or around the home for storing firewood, childrenʼs toys, magazines, laundry or knitting wools.

How to Re-shape
If your basket becomes mis-shapen, it can be easily re-shaped. Simply dampen the palm leaf either with a spray bottle or wet cloth, re-shape as necessary and leave to dry naturally.

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