Ibiza Summer Hammam Towel, Lipstick Red

Moroccan Fouta Hammam Towel, Red

Nordic Hammam Towel, Red

'The multi-talented towel' Elle Decor. Natural and handwoven our Turkish hammam towels come in a range of styles and colors. The traditional pestemal is woven by hand in the time-honoured way on wooden looms using the finest natural cotton and bamboo fibres. The resulting fabrics are delightful to the touch and stunning in their quiet simplicity. With a multiplicity of uses from practical beach wraps, sarongs, picnic blankets, scarves and throws to quick drying towels, the hammam towel offers an inexpensive little luxury for everyday use. Our wholesale hammam towels are perfect for spas, beachside boutiques, online stores and elegant outlets in global locations.