Walnut Wood Dried Flower Vase

Walnut Wood Spice Bowl and Spoon - Set of 3

Walnut Wood Dish

Walnut Wood Soap Dish

Walnut Wood Spoon

Palm Leaf Woven Plates

Beldi Wood Spoons, Assorted Sizes

Wood Spice Bowl Set

Moroccan Oversized Woven Plate

Moroccan Wool Trivets

Wood Sieve Spoons, Assorted Sizes

Moroccan Reed Plates, Natural

Wood Lemon Juicer Set

Wood Honey Dippers

Little Brush Set

Moroccan Neon Wool Plates, Green

Vintage Moroccan Wool Plates, Assorted Colours

An eclectic range of kitchenware for the bohemian home, include staple wooden kitchen utensils, hand carved in Morocco using local Lemon Wood. This type of wood lends itself beautifully to the unique designs which comprise our range of spoons, juicers, honey dippers, salad servers and small bowls. Our collection also includes chunky pine wood chopping boards. Our Vintage Wool Pots and Plates along with our embossed Enamelware bowls and plates offer a collection of vibrant alternatives to kitchen storage and dining.