Decorative Reed Basket - Set of 2

Samos Hammam Towel, Sea and Sky

Bell Mirror Keychains, Assorted Colors (Pack of 8)

Moroccan Boujad Basic Babouche Slippers, Heather Check

Market Baskets

Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Vintage Pink (Pack of 2)

Gold Luna Bracelets, Assorted Colors (Pack of 2)

Sorrento Hammam Towel, Mustard

Parisienne Basket

Margot, Honey Floral Babouche Slippers

Sorrento Hammam Towel, Vintage Pink

Beldi Baskets


Leather Mules, Tan

Sorrento Hammam Towel, Indigo

Valencia Shopper Baskets, Black

Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Sage (Pack of 2)

Samos Hammam Towel, Melon and Quince

Parisienne Shopper Baskets

Reed Baskets, Set of 3

Reed Box Basket

Valencia Shopper Baskets

Mini Valencia Basket