Who We Are

We are a close-knit team made up of craftspeople, designers, photographers, web developers and logistical geniuses across 6 countries. Our head office is based in the beautiful, historical city of Edinburgh and located near the port of Leith where we feel very much at home in this bohemian district renowned for it's thriving community of creatives.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
Helen Keller

What We Do

Working collaboratively with artisans in Morocco, India, Kenya and Turkey we produce timeless collections of functional objects. Gaining a deep understanding of the techniques and processes of each craft is fundamental to our design process and we spend many many hours in the company of our partners quietly observing in awe of their skills.

Our role is to act as a bridge between traditional crafting communities and an audience who value authentic goods sustainably produced. And with a designer's eye and years of expertise in this field we work together to update shapes, introduce contemporary colour palettes and focus on the finer details to create a fusion between age-old tradition and modernity.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in handmade; perfectly imperfect wares crafted slowly from natural materials locally sourced. Pottery, basketry, weaving are processes as old as human time, containers for storage and carrying, cloth for warmth and protection. Goods made by hand bear the character of their creator, the nuances and eccentricities integral to each piece. We yearn for meaning in our lives, and the connection felt in owning a unique item made using centuries old techniques by an individual human being has increasing value in our fast-paced world.

We believe in fair trade, we treat everybody we meet as we would expect to be treated ourselves and our relationships are built on trust, respect, equality and friendship. As a company our aim is to elevate the status of artisanal craft and those who produce it. In Marrakech we have established our own workshops to improve the living and working conditions of our partners.

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A Note from our Founder

My life has been dedicated to working with artists and craftspeople, a journey which has taken me across the world and experiencing many an adventure. Everyday I am learning, and the artisans I spend so much of my life among are my greatest teachers. There are many challenges in this line of work, but I also feel incredibly privileged to be able to immerse myself more deeply in the countries I travel to; living and working with local people in their homes and studio spaces.

Over the past 25 years I have traversed the globe sharing meals, stories, sadness and laughter with the people I encounter, some of whom have become my greatest friends. The astounding beauty of simple utilitarian objects, skilfully crafted using the most basic of tools and locally sourced natural materials, has me in a state of awe. The repetition of movement; stitching, weaving, plaiting, forging, have an almost meditative quality as hand and eye become one with the tools and materials. The patience and human kindness of the artisans I sit with continues to be my greatest guide and most humbling joy.

Jenny x

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