Bespoke Lettering

Bohemia Bespoke Basket Lettering

We now offer a bespoke lettering service on our bestselling baskets. Personalise your new baskets with your shop name, town or any word you like!

All Bohemia products are handmade by our network of global artisans. Our bespoke lettering is sewn by hand. The high level of craftsmanship and care that goes into every basket means it takes time to produce our designs on a large scale.

Minimum Order

The minimum order is 30 baskets. 

A 50% advance deposit will be required in order for production to commence.

Lead Times

Lead time depends on the design and quantity ordered, however as a minimum we suggest a 2-4 months production time.

Ordering Process

All orders are dealt with on an individual basis. Before confirming your order we require the following information:

  1. Words required - please also send us the font where applicable.
  2. Basket type - we can add lettering to most of our baskets.
  3. Colour - we will try to match your artwork or logo colours as closely as possible.

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