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An exciting collaboration between Bohemia Design and BeadWORKS Kenya sees the launch of the new ethical Samburu Jewelry Collection. This project helps support a virtuous circle, empowering women, enhancing lives and protecting wildlife. BeadWORKS is a social enterprise based working with self-governed women's groups in rural communities spread across northern Kenya. It now provides a reliable and sustainable income for more than 1,300 women, indirectly benefiting over 7,800 people. The Samburu Collection, featuring playful statement necklaces and tassel earrings, is entirely handcrafted using the finest quality Czech glass beads. The beadwork is delicate and light, making the beaded jewellery super comfortable for everyday wear. Beadworking has a long history in this part of Africa and is carried out almost entirely by women. It can be seen as a form of communication, the colours representing meanings such as white for peace and blue for water, and a woman's identity and position in society is articulated through her body ornamentation. Learn about BeadWORKS and our Creative Process here.